Lila Kozmetik is proud of ranking amongst the leading corporations of the world cosmetic market, with its principles of high quality production and fair prices, since the year 2003.

The Lilafax brand, which is being presented for the professional segment, Viored brand, which has both a professional and retail audience, and Sea Color brand, addressed towards consumers, are within the portfolio of Lila Kozmetik, enjoying its 10th anniversary.

Lila Kozmetik

Lila Kozmetik effectuates its production on an area of 10.000 m2, in accordance with its owned quality management systems, namely GMP and 2509001-2012, by considering the ISG policies as well, and in this respect, and by taking the quality and hygenic production and employee satisfaction and health into account.

Lila Kozmetik continuously develops itself with its expert and experienced R&D team, and testing the products in accredited laboratories, prior to their presentation to the consumers.


To produce quality products with modern and advanced technology equipments, at international standards, without harming human and environmental health by developing hair dye and care products within the field of cosmetics.

To become the first ranking preference of the customers in the domestic and foreign markets, with its innovativeness, reliable and quality products and fair price policy, by contibuting to the social and economic development, with our ambitious, qualified and happy employees by respecting the ethical values.


To become one of the leading brands and corporations in the global cosmetic market, with our unrivaled products, delivered to our customers, without making any concessions on our products and service policies, and by creating new customers and maintaining the existing ones by developing our production planning and distribution capabilities.



We produce safe products, in compliance with the international standards, in line with ethical, honest and transparent values, with respect to our employees, customers and suppliers.

Quality Focus

We produce quality products, in order to be a leader versus the competition, for customer satisfaction, to gain new customers, without any concession on our quality.

Customer Satisfaction

With our customer focus, it is our primary duty to satisfy our customers by understanding their expectations.

Employee Satisfaction

We build the necessary conditions for our employees to develop themselves and we evaluate their requests in a sensitive and fair way.

Continuous Development

We apply the principles of continuous development in all areas of our company and we make our efforts to comply with the international standards.

Environmental Consciousness

We act with an environmental consciousness, with an understanding of social responsibility, and accordingly we produce our products at international standards, by applying all measures in the direction of this consciousness.


Lila Kozmetik effectuates quality production on a closed area of 10.000 m2, by importing the raw material from Europe in accordance with EU regulations, in compliance with its owned quality management systems, namely GMP and 2509001-2012, by considering the ISG policies as well, under hygenic conditions.

All audits are being controlled for the products, delivered to our export customers, by international inspection and audit companies, such as B.Veritas and SGS.

For our exports, to the European market, our product safety files (PIF), in compliance with the European Union Cosmetics Directives, numbered 76/768/ EC, and European contact person notification (CPNP) have been completed.

Besides all of these, as Lila Kozmetik, we are working to build the perfect by embracing the desires of our customers as our goals.

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