We were born in Diyarbakır, and we fell in love with Diyarbakır!

We take pride in spreading beauty from these ancient lands to the world.


    We Who We Are We Export Beauty to the World Our company, a leader in both national and international markets, continues its success in the industry with high production standards, strong marketing strategies, and environmentally friendly policies. With a customer satisfaction and quality-focused approach, we confidently move towards the future.
    R&D Lila Cosmetics R&D Department In our R&D and manufacturing processes, we aim to preserve human and environmental health in accordance with international standards. We continuously invest to enhance our position at both national and global levels.
    Sustainability Solar Energy We value sustainability and focus on managing our activities in an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable manner. We actively strive to minimize environmental impacts in production and fulfill our social responsibilities.
    Social Responsibility To be hope, light, and awareness... Believing in the universal language of compassion and mercy, we carry out our projects with the conviction that both the observer and the one demonstrating kindness will warm their hearts. We believe there is nothing more beautiful than a heart filled with compassion and a smile that carries sincerity.
    We are growing We Are Building the World's Largest Hair Dye Factory We are focusing on the project to build the world's largest hair dye factory. This colossal facility will be equipped with innovative technologies and sustainable production methods, aiming to minimize environmental impacts while maximizing our quality standards.
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