Since 2003, Lila Cosmetics has been offering a successful line of hair color and care products for both home and professional use in the national and international markets.

Lila Cosmetics offers the brands preferred by professionals and continues to expand its product range and its own ambitious rise in the sector. With its strong marketing and dealer structure, the day to day market shares are steadily increasing.

All work is done within a 20,000-square-meter enclosed area, conforming to European Union norms and good manufacturing practice. Production facilities are in accordance with GMP and ISO 9001 quality standards. From the packaging production to the filling stage, the entire process passes through stringent controls. With an automated  machine capacity of 50 million integrated filling Lila Cosmetics satisfies market needs with quick and quality solutions.

With product quality as its central value, Lila Cosmetics brings together qualified and educated employees with its high technology automation systems, while generating employment opportunities.

Lila Cosmetics ensures product quality by enforcing strict quality control measurements in laboratory environments using specialist teams. Only once approved are products marketed to consumers.

Lila Cosmetics exports 40% of its hair color products.

We export to 31 countries while contributing to Turkey's development. We continue to play an active role in commercial life while taking production quality to an international level with both national and international certifications.

Lila Cosmetics continues to grow and gain strength.


With a successful line of hair color and care products for both home, retail and professional use in both national and international markets, our mission is to develop and produce quality products using the most modern and advanced technology in accordance with international standards that do not harm people or the environment.

Respecting ethical values, and contributing to social and economic development with our excited, qualified and happy employees, being the number one preference of customers in domestic and international markets with innovative, reliable and quality products and reasonable price policy.


Our vision is to be one of the leading brands in the global cosmetics market, satisfying customers with unrivaled quality products;

Protecting our policy without sacrifice, reaching new customers, and becoming an institutional and permanent figure in the sector with the highest-quality production, planning and distribution abilities.


Lila Kozmetik imports its raw materials from Europe, in accordance with the EU legislation on GMP and ISO 9001 2008 Quality Management Systems, and taking into account the ISG policies and hygienic and quality production standards set by international supervisory bodies such as Veritas and SGSl. All products sent to export customers are quality controlled.

Our exports to the EU market are compliant with the EU Cosmetics directive 76/768 / EC and our Product Safety Files (PIF) and European Responsible Personnel (CPNP) notifications have been completed.

Lila Cosmetics has made customer needs rits primary focus.